FedPV offers the Philadelphia area’s highest quality and most experienced aerial photo and video. Federico Ferreri, the owner and operator of FedPV, comes from a film and television background when in 2014 he decided to translate his decade of film making knowledge and apply it to Unmanned Aerial Systems or UAS (drones). With this experience and a family background in aviation FedPV has been able to provide an astounding array of options when it comes to the world of aerial photography and drones including:

Film and Television  IMDB Link 


Real Estate/Event

Local training for new UAS pilots

Resort and Golf Course Advertisements

Educational Course on building, flying and/or filming

Building Inspection and Land Survey

Legal Purposes

Federico Ferreri is a licensed FAA part 107 UAS pilot and has been since the first day it was offered to the public in August of 2016, ensuring the highest level of legitimacy and professionalism to any shoot.


Anything can be accomplished with professionalism, vision, and experience. There is nothing greater than being able to provide a client with exactly what they asked for, and then give them a little more. With the world of drones being so new to everyone FedPV prides itself in being able to understand a client’s vision and possibly expanding on it using years of flight experience, and cinematographic background.

Just some of my many happy clients

Just some of my many happy clients



I use a state of the art fleet of drones each with their own pros and cons. There is no situation or shot that can not be accommodated.